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About this Site

Painting Tutorials Online is an online membership site that will teach you traditional painting techniques. Our tutorials focus specifically on oil painting.

Who even joins this site? This site was created specifically for people who want to learn how to paint realistically. Painting Tutorials Online teaches members how to paint traditionally using oil paints. Members can then apply those traditional painting skills to any digital medium.

Who runs this site? Matthew Archambault is the creator and owner of Painting Tutorials Online. Matthew created this site mainly because his students both at the School of Visual Arts and at Drawing Tutorials kept requesting painting demonstrations.

Who exactly is Matthew Archambault? Matthew Archambault is someone just like yourself who struggled with his drawing and painting skills for many years. He sharpened his craft gaining valuable experience concerning oil painting from working on hundreds of illustration projects. Matthew is now sharing his experience and knowledge to students all over the world. Matthew started working as a professional illustrator in September of 1990. He has taught at the School of Visual Arts since 1997.